Dentistry for Kids

kids_Dentistry_smallThe fear of dentistry often starts from a bad experience people have had from a young age.  That is why at Riverbend our doctors are committed to giving patients of all ages the best experience possible.  Our dentists and staff have many years’ experience working with kids in the dental world.   We don’t us papoose boards or any types of restraints on you kids.  If needed, your kids can be asleep for their dental needs

You should bring you little ones in as soon as the teeth start to erupt (usually around 6 months).   At this first appointment your baby will be seen in the comfort and safety of your lap.  We will clean your baby’s teeth by brushing and flossing; and if desired will place fluoride on their teeth.  The Doctors will also evaluate the mouth and look for abnormalities.  Suggestions and advice will be given on how to maintain good oral health or prevent cavities from coming back.  You will receive great tips on how to prevent cavities from forming as well as create a positive experience at the dentist that will help give them the confidence and familiarity for future appointments.

Kids_dentisty_2_smallWhen your child is old enough and cooperative enough, x-rays will be taken.   These x-rays will tell the cavity status of the current baby teeth as well as tell us the health of the adult teeth growing underneath the teeth.  We like to take X-rays at least once a year as your Childs dentition is constantly changing and growing.

Ask us about out sealant program.  Sealants are a great way to prevent cavities from forming; especially when they are developing the motor skills and desires to brush effectively.

Your dentist will let you know which teeth will be exfoliating (falling out) next and what to expect for the next 6 months until we see you again.

We also have a fun arcade room that your kids can enjoy.